Hotel revenues are built by leading market share, strategy discussions, overseeing brand initiatives and yield management.  Expotel produces results! 

    • Involvement in all initiatives and all channels for revenue production
    • Process of "qualifying" all potential delivery channels to a hotel
    • Analysis of STR performance as a historical, current and a moving forward document
    • Strong relationships, active involvement and constant feedback with franchise marketing teams
    • Aggressive pursuit of competitive analysis and market knowledge
    • Advocating cross-marketing and communication among the hotel sales teams to enhance lead generation networking and account/market intelligence
    • Ensuring that hotel sales teams understand and use technology available today enhancing the qualifying process
    • Managing all advertising, public relations and direct sales expenditures to ensure maximum return on investment
    • Optimizing all e-commerce platforms related to proprietary websites including third party and "stand alone" electronic media
    • Maintaining personal and in-depth knowledge of industry e-commerce opportunities, applied in the effective use and management of e-commerce strategy for all Expotel properties


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