From receivership to takeover to management to sale, we can handle it all.  Expotel can provide immediate relief and quick results. 

  • Pre-takeover consulting
  • Initial and ongoing court appearances if needed
  • Seizure of assets and securing of cash
  • Safeguarding of assets
  • Management of relationships with and between debtor, attorneys, lender and the court
  • Overview of operations, budgeting and asset management
  • Taking inventories
  • Negotiations with franchisor
  • Negotiations with various insurance carriers
  • Renegotiation, termination or transferring of licenses as appropriate
  • Dealing with vendor contracts to be notified, reviewed, renegotiated, etc.
  • Capital expenditure analysis and recommendations
  • Preparation of reports submitted to court and/or financial institution or attorney
  • Cash monitoring of disbursements
  • Asset management plan
  • Ongoing operational management
  • Our partners are in acquisition mode and enticed to purchase
  • Our investors have the available capital to make purchases
  • Close working relations with brokers that could list and sell

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