Expotel is constantly evaluating technology advances.  Along with the rapid pace of change in technology flexibility and growth is taken into account. 

  • Assessing how much technology should cost.  A vendor must be prepared to defend their solution and its cost
  • Bidding technology projects aggressively; leaving nothing to chance
  • Choosing from a pool of multiple vendors to produce the right fit for an individual property while being careful not to discount the advantages of multiple location discounts
  • Minimizing telecommunications costs.  Recognizing that the telecommunications revenues have been dwindling, it's important to keep these department costs as lost as possible without sacrificing reliability
  • Reviewing diligently all contract language to provide the best protection for our owner
  • Managing workers compensation claims vigorously to get employees back to work as soon as possible in order to retain good team members and minimize our experience when it comes time for renewal quotes
  • Ensuring the implementation through Human Resources of diligent safety program to better prevent both employee and guest injuries
  • Working on property and casualty claims aggressively to ensure fair remuneration for losses experienced on the property

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